Monday, June 03, 2013

FamilySearch Find Of The Day: The 1908 Marriage of József Majoros & Anna Tóth in Ó-Fehértó

While doing some work on my Gombash line today, I was looking at the spouses of my great-grandfather's siblings; one of them being Michael Mayors. I know he was married to my great-grandfather's sister, Julia, on 09 Sep 1939 in Guernsey county, Ohio. Thanks to their marriage record, I knew Michael's exact birth date and the name of his parents: 18 Jun 1912 and Joseph Mayors (Majoros) & Anna Toth. Using that information, I tracked down their passenger manifest records via Ellis Island and located where they originally came from in Hungary: Ó-Fehértó, Szabolcs, Hungary. Below is the marriage record for Michael's parents:

Entry Number: 22
Place of Marriage: Ó-Fehértó
Date of Marriage: 05 Dec 1908

Groom: Majoros József
Occupation: carter/teamster
Religion: Greek Catholic
Born: 03 Apr 1885
Residence: Ó-Fehértó
Father: Majoros János
Mother: Kocsán Anna

Bride: Tóth Anna
Religion: Greek Catholic
Born: 12 Dec 1890
Residence: Ó-Fehértó
Father: n/a
Mother: Tóth Mária

Witness: Gebri Mihály
Witness: Gerzten Dániel, Ó-Fehértó