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Greene County, Tennessee Deed Abstracts, 1785-1810 - HAYS

Greene County, Tennessee Deed Abstracts, 1785-1810, Volumes 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8
By: Murray, Joyce Martin
Published: Dallas, TX, J. M. Murray, c.1997

Book 1, page 27
Indenture, 04 May 1784
James Englis and James Hays, both of Greene Co, NC, 50 pounds paid, 200 acres on Limestone fork of Lick Creek.
Signed J. E. and E. E.

Book 1, page 90
Indenture, 28 Sep 1789
Joseph Walker and David Froster, 90 pounds paid, 100 acres in Greene Co, NC, adjoining James English.
Witnesses: James Hays, Jurat, Lewis Tadlock
Registered: 11 Nov 1789

Book 1, page 123
Indenture, 09 Jan 1790
Asabel Rawlings and Henry Lackey, 175 pounds paid, 320 acres, 105 acres, 121 acres, and 30 acre tracts in Greene Co, NC as set out.
Witnesses Peter McNamee, James Hays, Daniel Rawlings

Book 1, page 144
Indenture, 26 Jan 1792
David Foster and Richard Condry, 90 pounds, 100 acres in Greene Co and Territory South of Ohio, adjoining James English.
Witnesses: James Hays, Isaac White, Jr.

Book 1, page 180
Indenture, 04 Mar 1792
James English of Western Territory and South of River Ohio, Greene Co, one part, and Heirs of William Hibits, decased, of some Territory, othe rpart, 50 pounds paid, 140 acres in said Territory on waters of Lick creek.
Witnesses: James Hays, Rebeckah English

Book 1, page 231
Indenture, 27 Apr 1793
Asabel Rawlings, Greene Co, and Samuel Hamilton, Washington Co, 25 pounds paid, tract joining James Hays, 200 acres.
Witnesses: Thomas Rogers, James Hays

Book 1, page 271
Indenture, 14 Feb 1794
Nicholas Hays and John Coplin, both of Greene Co, 100 pounds paid, 100 acre tract on branch of Sinking creek, and being Grant to said Hays, No. 519, dated at Kingston 20 Sep 1787.
Witnesses: Thomas Galbreath, Alexander Galbreath, James Hays

Book 1, page 279
Indenture, 07 Jul 1804
Thomas Johnston and Joseph Hays, both of Greene Co, TN, 200 silver dollars, 108 acres in said county beginning at corner Charles Hays.
Witnesses: James Hays, Samuel Caldwell

Book 1, page 291
Indenture, 22 Jul 1799
Samuel Hays, Jefferson County, TN, and James Hays, Greene Co, TN, one part, and Enoch Murray, Greene Co, TN, other part,

100 pound paid, 345 1/2 acres in said county, lying on both sides Alexander's creek and adjoining Swan Pond creek, Samuel Hays and James Hays.
Witnesses: George Crosby, William Crosby.
Recorded 11 Aug 1800.

Book 1, page 311
Indenture, 27 May 1793
Michael Harrisson of Greene Co, and George Purcell of same place, 130 pounds Virginia currency, 237 acres in 2 tracts, on Mill fork of Big Limestone creek, joining the John Kennedy, Frances Hughes and Daniel Henderson lands.
Witnesses: James Hays, James Stinson

Book 1, page 331
Indenture, 28 Nov 1791
Nicholas Hays, Jefferson County, TN, one part, and Michael Barger of Greene Co, TN, other part, 5 pounds paid, 3 acres on branch of Big Limestone creek, part tract conveyed by NC to Alexander McFarland, 24 Oct 1782, No. 235.
Witnesses: James Stinson, Jurat, John Hays, John Todd
Registered: 24 Mar 1799

Book 1, page 373
Indenture, 07 Jul 1798
James Stinson and William Wilson, Esquire, both of Greene Co, Tn, $1,000 paid, 250 acres in said county on Lick creek, including plantation William Young formerly lived on and adjoining John Carter, said tract being 250 acres; also 50 acres as set out.
Witnesses: John Hays, John Maloney
Registered: 10 Feb 1801

Book 1, page 374
Sheriff's Deed, 16 Apr 1800
George Conway, High Sheriff of Greene Co, TN, and James Hays, of said county, by virtue executions issued in suits of James Dalzell, King and Dickson and Baldwin Harrell, assignee of John McCarrick, against James Guthrie, $175 paid, conveyed 2 tracts of 580 acres in said county, on Lick creek and adjoining Robert Stevenson and Charles Hays. Signed by Henry Conway, Dep. Sheriff.
Witnesses: James Stinson, ? Neilson.
Registered: 28 Feb 1801, Greene County, by Daniel Kennedy

Book 1, page 344
Indenture, 01 Mar 1797
James Hornback, Jefferson Co, TN, one part and Thomas McAmish, Greene Co, TN, other part, 60 pouds paid, 100 acres on Lick creek adjoining Lane and Mulkey. Granted 23 Oct in 7th year of our Independence, to Dutten Lane by NC.
Witnesses: Samuel Hays, Jurat, Benjamin Thornbught
Registered: 10 Apr 1799

Book 1, page 368
Indenture, 18 Oct 1796
William Terrel Lewis, Davidson Co, TN, one part, and James Hays and Samuel Hayes, same place, other part, 100 pounds paid, tract on Alexander's creek, waters of Nolachuckey, including claim of William Hodges and most of Swan Pond creek, being 500 acres.
Witnesses: Isaac Carlock, Thompson Gresson, JP.
Registered 20 Apr 1799

Book 1, page 370
Indenture, 10 May 1794
Nicholas Hays and John Copeland, Greene Co, 120 pounds paid, 295 acres on Big Sinking creek, part same tract granted to Alexander McFarland by Grant of 13 Oct 1782, No. 235.
Witnesses: John Hays, Jurat, Samuel Hays, Nathan Nielson

Book 1, page 413
Indenture, 12 Jun 1801
Nathaniel Hood, one part, and George Glasscock, latter of Fauquier Co, VA, other part, $833.33 1/3 paid, 200 acres in Greene Co, on both side of Lick creek, and adjoining James Maham and Lemuel Hibbert.
Witnesses: George Crosby, John Hays, James Hays.

Book 1, page 414
Indenture, 01 Mar 1795
Charles Hays and Robert Hays, Greene Co, TN, 30 pounds paid, tract on branch of Lick creek as by original deed dated 1782, 100 acres adjoining line of Shederach Morris.
Witnesses: John Collier, Jr.

Book 1, page 422
Indenture, 02 Jun 1798
Robert Warren and William Mascat, both of Greene Co, TN, $400 paid, tract on Potters creek, beginning at corner to Bejamin Robertson survey, 200 acres.
Witnesses: James Hays, Henry Conway.

Book 1, page 443
Indenture, 10 Oct 1800
James Hayes, one part, and Alexander Hayes, other part, both of Greene Co, TN, 100 pounds paid, tract on Limestone fork of Lick creek, tract being 100 acres as in 2 patents, the first No. 40 to James English, second being No. 106 to James Hayes.
Witness: John Hayes


  1. Have you come across any Conway connections in the Alabama records for your Rodgers family? Three of Henry Conway's nephews left TN and moved to Alabama about the same time your Rodgers did.

  2. Unfortunately, I have not. Where in Alabama did they settle? Do you have any resources on the Nolichucky settlers? My Rodgers were among them.

  3. I'm slow to respond. My apologies. The only Conway I can place specifically is Edward Turner Conway whose will was probated in Dallas County, AL 8 Nov. 1824. He died without issue.
    As to Nolichucky resources, have you seen Loraine Rae's Washington County Deed Abstracts? Your Rodgers appear to have land purchases there as well. I'll be glad to do look ups if you don't have the information.

  4. I definitely haven't seen Loraine Rae's book. I'd love anything on the Rodgers/Rogers.. if there are too many, James Rodgers will do. Thanks! :) My email is if you want to email it privately.