Sunday, August 28, 2011

FamilySearch Find Of The Day: The Birth Record of Katalin Bárczay de Bárcza

Lately, I've been working on a branch of my Bódogh family that I know little about. My line comes from Tiszadob in Szabolcs county. Previous to that, they came from Gelej and before that Tiszaszederkény, both in Borsod County. Back in the mid-late 1600's a branch of my Bódogh's settled in Miskolcz, the largest city in Borsod county. I've been trying to document and connect this branch to the larger Bódogh family tree that I have compiled.

This birth record is for Katalin Bárczay de Bárcza. Although she is a cousin to me in her own right (a 12th cousin 5 times removed, through the Bárczay de Bárcza family), my connection to her is her husband: Géza Demeter de Szeő-Demeter. Géza, an early explorer of Africa, was the son of Ernő Demeter de Szeő-Demeter and Erzsébet Bódogh de Nemesbikk. Nemesbikk is a neighboring village to Gelej and Tiszaszederkény; the Bódogh families of Nemesbikk are already compiled and connected into my large Bódogh family tree.

What's really interesting is the occupation of Katalin's father! An extract of Katalin Bárczay de Bárcza's birth record is as follows:

Entry Number: 67
Town: Heő-Csaba (in Borsod County)
Registration Date: 04 Oct 1901
Name of Registerer: The father

Name of Father: Bárczai Bárczay István
Religion: Reformed
Occupation: Land owner; Chamberlain of Emperor and King
Residence: Heő-Csaba
Birthplace: Heő-Csaba
Age: 41

Name of Mother: Bárczai Bárczay Istvánné (Mrs. István) felhévizi Bihary Ludovica
Religion: Roman Catholic
Occupation: none
Residence: Heő-Csaba
Birthplace: Baracza, Gömör county
Age: 30

Birthplace of Child: Heő-Csaba
Birthdate: 29 Sep 1901
Gender: Female
Religion: Roman Catholic
Name of Child: Ludovica Izabella Katalina

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  1. Nice results. Keep going... Attila Bódogh , Hungary